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Why a brand new Wainhome is the best option for you!

The standard of newly constructed homes in the UK has never been higher than it is today, with annual surveys showing that it continues to improve year after year.
With a requirement for new homes at unprecedented levels, Wainhomes is investing heavily in the design and quality of its new homes. Our homebuyers appreciate that commitment, and below are the main reasons for choosing to purchase a new Wainhome.

‘Brand new’ means an entirely new start

Everything in a new Wainhome is fresh, bright and pristine, untouched by previous owners and just waiting to become your home. Maybe it will be the place where you raise your family, dream your dreams and experience the unfolding of daily life, or just your own private space away from the rigours of work and the rest of the world. New homes provide a blank canvas on which you can stamp your own style and personality right from the start.

A new Wainhome is a greener home, reducing your energy costs

Under strict building regulations, new homes are built to the latest environmental standards so they are not only better for the environment than the vast majority of second-hand homes, they are also cheaper to run and maintain. A new Wainhome is on average six times more energy efficient and generates over 60 per cent less CO2 emissions than an older home, which is the equivalent of driving 10,000 miles less a year for the average household. New home buyers are therefore helping protect the environment as well for themselves and their loved ones. This improved energy efficiency can reduce utility bills on average by more than £500 per year - enough to pay for some of life’s other essentials, or even a few luxuries!

Less stress, less hassle!

When you buy a new Wainhome you are able to move in as soon as it’s complete. There is no need to wait for existing owners to move out. With a reduced housebuying ‘chain’, there is less stress and uncertainty than that associated with buying a second-hand property.

Spoilt for choice

Wainhomes offers purchasers a wide range of new homes, from spacious apartments to luxury five bedroom family homes. There is something for everyone, with countless designs and styles to choose from. Subject to the stage of construction, Wainhomes also offers a substantial range of extras for customers enabling them to personalise their new home by choosing fixtures and fittings or a higher specification from the range available at an additional cost. This can include flooring, wardrobes, lighting and upgraded kitchen appliances.

Designed and built to suit today’s lifestyle

Wainhomes properties are designed and built to make use of every inch of space. Research shows 17 per cent of living space in older style properties often goes unused, which equates to £34,000 of a £200,000 house going to waste. A new Wainhome, on the other hand, provides flexible living space whatever your circumstances, whether you are single, a couple, a growing family or retired.

Safe and sound

Our new homes are designed to adhere to high building standards. These standards relate to every aspect of a building’s construction including its structure, ventilation, sound insulation, electrical and fire safety, so new Wainhome owners can enjoy living in a safer and more secure environment than most older homes provide.

Peace of mind

Buying a new Wainhome will eliminate many of the worries you might face when buying a second-hand property. There will be no renovations or repairs to do, giving you more time to spend with family and friends. In addition, all our new homes come with an insurance-backed 10-year warranty from the National House Building Council, giving new homeowners the genuine peace of mind not available when buying a second-hand property.

Higher specification

All Wainhomes new properties are built to a much higher specification than many older properties. The amount of ‘as standard’ features included in new homes has also greatly increased. All new developments have fitted kitchens with cooker and hob, and many also offer fridge/freezer, washing machine and dishwasher. All have downstairs cloakrooms and most properties now have fitted en-suites or shower rooms. Designed to comply with the latest building regulations set by the Government, new homes also include the latest heating systems, excellent wall and loft insulation and double glazed windows and doors.

Join a new community

Moving to a brand new Wainhome is also an opportunity to make new friends and be part of a growing community. Buying a property in an established street, where homes may have changes hands infrequently can make it harder to break into the social network. Wainhomes’ developments are designed, and built, with people in mind and having a brand new home in common with other homeowners means you will become well acquainted with both your neighbours, and the local community, easier; as you settle in and start to discover the new surroundings together.

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